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Archive for the ‘Weird’ Category

Wounded Sprinkler

Posted by Retired Geezer on September 6, 2007

I have no clue what happened to this sprinkler.

It looks like it got hit with a digging tool of some sort.

The hole goes through the outer case into the body.

Any guesses?


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Weird Plumbing

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 29, 2006

This has got to be one of the silliest reasons for saving money on PVC pipe, I’ve ever seen.

This bozo guy in Texas ran his Sewer Line THROUGH his pool.

There was some discussion in the comment section about using

Clear Plastic Pipe as sort of a Horizontal Lava Lamp.

In case you didn’t realize it, this is a joke.

The pool belongs to my pretend Computer Friend, Dave in Texas.

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Weird Valves

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 28, 2006

Customer called me with a problem. Couldn’t find the valves.

Here’s where we started looking.

Notice the broken PVC, victim of overenthusiastic Weed Whipping.

In my youth and inexperience, I didn’t recognize these little beauties.

They are Electro-Hydraulic valves. The solenoid opens a little valve and allows water to shoot through and open The Big Valve.

All the Valve Finder tool does is vibrate the solenoids. That doesn’t help locate the actual valves.

I told the customer that I was unable to locate them without digging up the yard.

Does anybody else know a different way?

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Diaphragm Mistakes

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 27, 2006

Here’s an owner-installed diaphragm.

Notice the little rubber piece got smashed during installation.

It didn’t function.

I’m not too crazy about this design. I like Rainbird’s diaphragm design much better.

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Screen Filter Hole

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 27, 2006

This filter screen had a big white rock stuck through it.

Never seen this one before.

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Sea Shells in the Filter

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 27, 2006

Well, maybe they aren’t Sea Shells. We *are* in Idaho.

I’ve seen this a couple of times in various parts of the valley.

Strange, huh?

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Fence Building Tips

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 27, 2006

If you’re going to install a wooden fence, be sure you know where the sprinks are.

Yeah, it’s popping up under the fence.

And it’s on the Wrong Side of the fence.

Here’s another tip:

When digging postholes for a Vinyl fence…

Be careful to *not* include the sprinks in the concrete.

The homeowner broke the concrete loose and gave it to me.

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Broken Union

Posted by Retired Geezer on July 27, 2006

About 2 months ago I fixed a broken filter assembly.

I got a call from the client in some distress yesterday. They were looking out their window when they saw the neighbors jumping the fence into their back yard. Then they saw the geyser where the pipes had broken near the filter.

The union that I installed broke from stress or some other reason.

I’ve never seen this happen before, have you?

It *was* made in China.

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