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I fix Sprinklers in Nampa. Call me in the Spring

About Me

I'm the Sprinkler Doc.

I'll be posting tips and tricks for adjusting and maintaining your Sprinkler System.

However, if a problem arises that you can't handle… I DO make House Calls.

8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. marc said

    Hey Sprinkler Doc,

    Got a question for you. I recently tackled self-installing 6 anti-siphon valves to control an existing sprinkler system and a new drip system I put in. Everything is glued/screwed in and looks beautiful. However, thanks to my inexperience, I apparently didn’t use enough thread tape, or didn’t tighten the fittings enough which is now resulting in a couple leaks. The only problem is I can’t figure out how to fix them without cutting pvc and starting over. The leaks are on the inlet side (I’ve got 3/4″ pipe threaded at both ends, with one end going into the anti-siphone valve). If I tighten it to stop the leak by the anti-siphon, it loosens it at the other end and vice-versa (causes a drip leak at one end or the other). The outlet side of the antisiphon is not leaking, but since its screwed in with a pvc slip fitting I can’t just undo it either. Any suggestions on a way out of this without starting over? If I were in Boise I think I’d hire you out of frustration! Any input would be appreciated!


  2. jeff said

    Sprinkler doc

    help! i have an old system that runs on hydraulic valves, and i need a new timer box (there is a leak in the part that changes the stations).
    Is this a hopeless case?



  3. Robert Jones said

    Are you still winterizing lines?? I need to see you soon !

    Robert Jones / Nampa

  4. ken2633 said

    I had a clock for the lawn & now I’m adding one for the drip system. Can I turn on the one master valve I have with both clocks or will I get some back feed of electricity into the clock not in operation. With the newer electonics on this new clock I don’t want to take any chances.

  5. Note: Least you think I have ignored these comments, I have replied to most of them by separate email.

  6. larry harding said

    hi doc, I have a rainbird head #1800. Is it adjustable? 0,90,180,360

    • You can get the Rainbird VAN nozzles for that popup.
      VAN stands for Variable Arc Nozzle, anything from 0 to 360.
      The fixed arcs are better IMHO, if you know what you need.
      The 360 is a lot better because it comes out at more of a vertical angle, this is good if the head is buried in the grass.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Hello:
    We manufacture poly and PVC pipe in Canada and I was wondering if I could have permission to use a “ghosted” version of a photograph I see on your web site for one of our signs in a show booth in an event being held the end of September. The image I refer to is is under “New Manifold” posted by Retired Geezer July 28, 2006. Our product would be superimposed over a light image of the manifold setup.

    Ray Messier

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