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Wounded Sprinkler

Posted by Retired Geezer on September 6, 2007

I have no clue what happened to this sprinkler.

It looks like it got hit with a digging tool of some sort.

The hole goes through the outer case into the body.

Any guesses?

3 Responses to “Wounded Sprinkler”

  1. Plumbing said

    Lawn Mower?

  2. I’m thinking more of a gardening tool.
    I ran across a mysterious leak in a PVC pipe a few weeks ago. Just a hole punched down in the top of the pipe, like someone drove a big nail into the pipe (which was buried about 8 inches). The clients had no clue as to how it got there. I repaired it and 3 days later they called me back with an identical hole about a foot away! What the heck? I asked them if they had recently pitched a tent, or put stakes in the ground to tie ropes to, to stabilize a tree. Suddenly it dawned on them that it was the Lawn Guy who used one of those Root Feeders to fertilize the tree.

    Problem solved.

  3. Very interesting story. I like how “Retired Geezer” was able to identify the situation by knowing how a stake in the ground could give a hole that looks like that. I foudn that very funny and ironic.

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