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I’m a Blogging Plumber

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 15, 2006

Actually I'm not an Official, Certified Plumber but I'm your New Best Friend when it comes to fixing the plumbing in your Sprinkler System.

I'll be posting tips about how to tune your sprinkler system, what to do if you can't turn off the water and when to call an expert.

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble mentioned in their book, "Naked Conversations", that they haven't run across a Blogging Plumber yet.

Well, here I am.

I'm looking forward to meeting Shel at the Blogger's Dinner tomorrow Tonight in Boise.

I'm also looking forward to seeing and photographing Flora the Foil Ball. She weighs about 167 pounds.


6 Responses to “I’m a Blogging Plumber”

  1. blogidaho said

    So how about fixing *our* drip system, Mr. Smarty Pants?

    Your Wife

  2. Toby said

    Welcome to the blogoshere “first plumber blogger!” Now you realize you must set the bloggy bar high for blog plumbers to follow 😉 And by the way, why does water suddenly stop running from my kitchen faucet?

  3. blogidaho said

    Hi Toby,
    It’s because your wife forgot to pay the water bill.
    No charge.

  4. You came too late into my life. I caved in and sold my house and became a renter (such as loss of status in the northeast where we eat our young) because it was so tough to get a plumber.

    You gotta write a book about being a blogging plumber.

  5. blogidaho said

    You gotta write a book about being a blogging plumber.

    I’ve got a couple of chapters rattling around in my head. The trouble is, they are about the Negative side of Plumbism.
    Hey, cool, I invented a word.

    I’ll post them after tonights meeting.

  6. Toby said

    Nope … it’s because I need a plumber to change out the faucet .. I think .. see I really do need a plumber .. and one who I can talk blogs with would be ultra cool. Tell Shel I said cheers when you see him tonight! This is not really a shameless plug .. well maybe a wee bit .. but it’s more a plug for Shel – read this before you meet up with him! http://bloombergmarketing.blogs.com/bloggerstories/

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