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Flora the Foil Ball

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 23, 2006

Flora is the official mascot of Flying Pie Pizzeria in Boise Idaho.

She has her own blog.

She was happy to pose with my blogidaho.com cap.

It's not polite to discuss a lady's weight but she weighs over 176 pounds.

I think she's cute.


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Broken Valves are Scary

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 23, 2006

In Idaho, as well as most cold areas, the sprinkler turn-on valve is located pretty deep underground. Sometimes 4 feet or more.

Occasionally the valves require a little Extra torque to turn them.

This is what happens when a little Extra is Too Much.


See how the brass threads have been stripped?

This is the reason I won't risk turning on valves that appear to be stuck.

I'm Old.

I don't want to dig a 4 feet deep hole in your yard, big enough to swing a wrench in.

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Replacing the Well Pump

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 22, 2006

In order to replace the pump, you need to pull all the pipe out of the well casing.

Bud the Neighbor makes a tool to hold the pipe up in the air.

Kids, please wear your protective equipment when you cut steel with a torch.

Here's the tool in action.

Normally you would need a big truck with a pipe pulling crane.

Unless you have 2 strong sons to do that part of the job.

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Frozen Anti-Siphon Valve

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 22, 2006

I'm getting a few jobs, repairing ice damage from this winter.

Do you see the two cracks?

Frozen water can generate tremendous pressure.

It's much cheaper to get your system properly Winterized, than to repair the damage in the Spring.

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What NOT to Bury

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 16, 2006

I’ll be writing more about the repair job I did today, but for now I think a visual is worth a thousand words.

This is a picture of a repair job I finished today. The client neglected to have the sprinklers ‘blown out’ last Fall, so the water remaining in the pipe froze and split the PVC.

The spiral fractures are indicative of ice expansion.

Lesson one; Always have your sprinks blown out. It’s usually under $50 to do it unless you have a lot of valves.

Lesson two; Black Poly tubing resists shattering more than PVC, but if you must use PVC, at least get the Schedule 40. Sure it’s more expensive but it withstands abuse better.

The PVC on the left is Sch 40, the one on the right is what we in the business commonly refer to as “Eggshell”.

Guess why.

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I’m a Blogging Plumber

Posted by Retired Geezer on May 15, 2006

Actually I'm not an Official, Certified Plumber but I'm your New Best Friend when it comes to fixing the plumbing in your Sprinkler System.

I'll be posting tips about how to tune your sprinkler system, what to do if you can't turn off the water and when to call an expert.

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble mentioned in their book, "Naked Conversations", that they haven't run across a Blogging Plumber yet.

Well, here I am.

I'm looking forward to meeting Shel at the Blogger's Dinner tomorrow Tonight in Boise.

I'm also looking forward to seeing and photographing Flora the Foil Ball. She weighs about 167 pounds.

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